About WeRinCtrl

WeRinCtrl is a collection of favorite films, excellent games, and music that’s better than yours. It’s worth 50 shemblacs in the outer-rim territories.

Founder and Editor:Brian Edward Smith


“Nice job, Brian!…You interview very well. Nice and relaxed and friendly. You have a very warm speaking voice as well.” – Ellen McLain, GLaDOS from Portal and Portal 2

“I’ve been on Coast to Coast three times. I thought they did one of the better jobs of the many radio interviews I’ve done. Yours was of no less quality. I thought you did a great job with good questions and overall flow.” – Bart Sibrel, Moonmovie.com

“I was really impressed with how Brian began the show… this told me a few things, these people are serious about what they do, they have experience, and they know and are very aware of what can happen…” – Daniel Wood, thesiss.com

“I may be biased (as the co-founder of Lights Out), but Brian does a great job of giving the listener insight as to what we do and the thought and effort we put into it. Bravo!!” – Chris LeBarge, Lights Out Paranormal

“Great interview, thanks! Also great podcast and the audio was perfect.” – Sonya Thompson, The Walking Dead, Zombieland