Top 10 Most Surprising Moments in Console Gaming

Surprising Moments in Console Gaming 10 thru 6…

Modern console gaming delivers memorable, often surprising moments in entertainment that were previously unavailable outside of a movie theater.

The following games include moments of legitimate visceral enjoyment.

Beware readers, as spoilers certainly follow. And now:

10. Portal – Hearing “Still Alive” After The Game

The Portal series are well-designed, compelling puzzle games that are designed by geniuses.

The first installment turns the first person shooter concept on its ear by allowing you to shoot portals onto the walls of increasingly difficult environments in an effort to escape them.

As you play, a voice over the intercom provides analysis that morphs over successive testing chambers into personal barbs and ominous hints about the true nature of your environment. When you reach the end of your testing initiative, you finally meet the voice, an A.I. named GLaDOS, and it’s either you or her.

At the end of the conflagration that ensues, a ‘DOS’ style computer screen displays a “test assessment report”… and the voice of GLaDOS sings one of the most famous geek anthems ever: “Still Alive”, written by the great Jonathan Coulton.

9. Resident Evil – Hell-hounds Crash the Party

Resident EvilThe original installment of the successful survival horror series succeeds in being both scary and fun.

Getting through the game requires resource management, ammo conservation, and a willingness to risk playing huge chunks of the game over when you screw up.

Among the scary moments – the first time you meet the undead comes to mind – is one genuine jump-scare in the first floor east hallway. An uneventful few steps into the quiet passageway explodes into a cacophony of re-animated dobermans diving through windows to take you apart.

I jumped. So did you.

8. Resident Evil 2 – “Mr. Happy” Shows Up

Oh, he may be known as Mr. X in the games, but my college roommate and I dubbed him Mr. Happy upon our first play-through of RE2.

His arrival on the scene in the second disc scenario is a memorable one:”Mr. Happy” gets dropped from the sky with no parachute and proceeds to kick a metric ton of ass.

He’s responsible for a couple of jump-scares on his own, even bursting through a wall when he hasn’t had enough. He’s hard as hell to put down, and doesn’t stay that way for long.

Oh, and his weapons of choice? His fists. This guy wants a piece.

7. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – Defeating “The Boss”

The Metal Gear Solid series has one of the most epic storylines in gaming. The characters have long, involved histories that span generations.

The origins of the bulk of the Metal Gear saga are revealed in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, a stylish albeit dense thriller set in the 1960’s.

Here we learn that the original Snake’s mentor is a tragic mother figure known only by her code-name “The Boss”. Her involvement in cold-war intrigue hearkens back to its very roots, and the news that she may be a traitor sets a mission in motion that will see Snake confronting and ultimately having to defeat her.

This final battle with his mentor (and probably only real love) is presented gracefully among a field of white flowers. It’s an emotional climax that leaves the final, merciful shot in the player’s hands. Pretty powerful.

6. Uncharted 3 – The Cargo Plane Sequence

Though U3:DD isn’t as amazing as its predecessor (Uncharted 2 is widely considered one of the best games of all time), the game proves its worth in two areas:

1) The visuals are amazing,
2) It features one of the most cinematic and thrilling levels in modern gaming.

From trying to catch the plane before it takes off, to trying to stay on until it crashes, the cargo plane sequence alone is worth playing the game.

Moments like this are beginning to bridge the gap between cinema and gaming.

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