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I wouldn’t endorse these guys if I didn’t believe in what they do.  Ultra Sabers LLC is an American company that takes pride in making an awesome product: customizable, combat-ready light-sabers with realistic sounds and brilliantly lit blades.

Click to purchase the Monarch or Dark Monarch!   Click to purchase the Arbiter or Dark Arbiter!

These are well-machined, expertly crafted sabers with super-bright led-powered blades and loud, clear sounds that create a fantastic experience.  They have several of their own designs to chose from: single or double blade, with sound or without (but c’mon, without?).  An amazing example is the Dark Prophecy LE, which I’ve given as a gift.

Click here to purchase the Dark Prophecy!

Ultra Sabers even sells up-conversion kits to modify that awesome replica you just got your hands on, or they can set the whole thing up for you as in the Anakin ROTS Ultra FX.

Trust me, these make the best gifts ever for that Star Wars fan in your life.  Can you imagine being really into something like a sci-fi or fantasy series of any kind, then receiving a well-made replica of an iconic weapon from that series?  It would rock your face off.

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