Ellen McClain: the Voice of GLaDOS Interview


Ellen Mclain discusses GLaDOS, Portal, and voice-over acting.

I was granted access to GMXv3 in Nashville, TN, and got to meet amazing people and interviewed some awesome folks about their work in movies and video games.

Also: John Partick Lowry from Team Fortress 2, and Sonya Thompson from the Walking Dead.

In this episode, you’ll hear my interviews on the floor of GMX with actress Sonya Thompson about her work in ZombieLand and The Walking Dead, actor John Patrick Lowrie about his voice over work in games such as HALO: ODST and Half Life 2, plus his advice to people that want to pursue a career in the arts.

This was originally recorded at GMXv3 for Episode 14 of the WeRinCtrl podcast, and was released Oct. 2011.


Brian Edward Smith is founder and editor of WeRinCtrl.com.

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